cheney's top phrasesphrase count
cheney edwards
the fact of the matter6 
fact of the matter is6 
of the matter is the4 
on the wrong side of3 
war wrong place wrong time3 
in the united states senate3 
responsibility for their own security3 
wrong war wrong place wrong3 
the global war on terror3 
two and a half years3 
the u n security council3 
do everything we can to2 
ought to have access to2 
the wrong way to go2 
thousand dollars to the families2 
in picking a vice president2 
we've captured or killed thousands2 
who have been for the2 
he is without question a2 
the wrong side of defense2 
i want to thank you2 
one hundred twenty billion dollars2 
iraqis to take on the2 
here in the united states2 
twenty five thousand dollars to2 
and a half years ago2 
wrong side of defense issues2 
what we did in iraq2 
middle of one of our2 
cheney's top phrasesphrase count
cheney edwards
dollars to the families of2 
take on responsibility for their2 
want to be able to2 
in the midst of a2 
voted for the war and2 
to the families of suicide2 
you voted for the war2 
on responsibility for their own2 
to the u n security2 
the families of suicide bombers2 
to know where to start2 
the war and then you2 
weapons of mass destruction the2 
the middle of one of2 
being on the wrong side2 
one of our own cities2 
it's hard to know where2 
killed thousands of al qaida2 
or killed thousands of al2 
gwen i want to thank2 
to do everything we can2 
added one point seven million2 
paid twenty five thousand dollars2 
captured or killed thousands of2 
in a commander in chief2 
that's the wrong way to2 
through a combination of education2 
hard to know where to2 
five thousand dollars to the2 
during the course of the2 
cheney's top phrasesphrase count
cheney edwards
for the war and then2 
as we go forward in2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
to keep this country safe6 
the united states of america6 
john kerry and i believe5 
of the united states of5 
i want to go back5 
done to keep this country4 
with the drug companies they4 
they ought to be closed4 
want to go back to4 
to what the vice president4 
to be done to keep4 
be done to keep this4 
security of the united states3 
get a chance to talk3 
that in fact saddam hussein3 
that's why we have a3 
the vice president and the3 
we have a plan to3 
plan to win the peace3 
that don't belong in the3 
president of the united states3 
they want to know that3 
in the last four years3 
need to be done to3 
that the vice president and3 
don't belong in the system3 
vice president and the president3 
terrorists where they are and3 
the security of the united3 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
seven and a half billion3 
over the security of the3 
a man and a woman3 
then they were for it3 
that things are going well3 
are going well in iraq3 
they had a choice on3 
the vice president just said3 
has to be done to3 
between a man and a3 
things are going well in3 
that need to be done3 
find terrorists where they are3 
over the last four years3 
for more tax cuts for2 
and saddam hussein it's not2 
the time that the vice2 
to explain this to them2 
millions of dollars in fines2 
ought to be closed whether2 
american people or with the2 
a chance to talk about2 
a half billion dollar no2 
out of the system that2 
seventy five percent of the2 
is between a man and2 
two hundred thousand dollars a2 
drugs into this country from2 
been in office four million2 
americans have fallen into poverty2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
a political tool and it's2 
or with the drug companies2 
cases that don't belong in2 
dollars in fines for providing2 
have a plan to win2 
and it is a fundamental2 
want to get rid of2 
that they were going to2 
now know that in fact2 
tell the american people the2 
the system that don't belong2 
up the training of the2 
we're at two hundred billion2 
back to what the vice2 
in fines for providing false2 
just say a couple of2 
thousand dollars a year and2 
companies they had a choice2 
they were going to put2 
explain this to them they2 
president have been in office2 
the last two hundred years2 
can do damage to us2 
said that they were going2 
of being with the american2 
they were with the drug2 
the 9/11 commission has said2 
why we have a plan2 
moved forward with their nuclear2 
want to make sure people2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
going to make sure that2 
what the vice president just2 
dropping out of high school2 
keep the american people safe2 
were with the drug companies2 
the vice president talked about2 
billion dollar no bid contract2 
we're seeing the consequences of2 
a long resume does not2 
five percent of the world's2 
resume does not equal good2 
to go back to what2 
forward with their nuclear weapons2 
going to put two trillion2 
well let me say first2 
we know from this administration2 
as president of the united2 
a plan to win the2 
men and women in uniform2 
hundred thousand dollars a year2 
connection between al qaida and2 
office four million more americans2 
in office four million more2 
million more americans have fallen2 
over and over and over2 
al qaida and saddam hussein2 
a seven and a half2 
things that need to be2 
he was ceo of halliburton2 
companies they were with the2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
providing seventy five percent of2 
of tax cuts for companies2 
we have a plan for2 
our men and women in2 
kerry has voted for the2 
have a plan to keep2 
the right thing to do2 
cases out of the system2 
between al qaida and saddam2 
know from this administration is2 
the attacks of september 11th2 
were going to put two2 
they were for it they2 
marriage is between a man2 
lost their health care coverage2 
go back to what the2 
a path to fiscal responsibility2 
iran has moved forward with2 
four million more americans have2 
kerry and i believe we2 
president and the president have2 
closed they ought to be2 
saddam hussein it's not true2 
the drug companies they had2 
it john kerry and i2 
has moved forward with their2 
before they can do damage2 
being with the american people2 
half billion dollar no bid2 
iraqis see some tangible benefit2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
the last four years we2 
paid millions of dollars in2 
have a plan for iraq2 
what we're going to do2 
and a half billion dollar2 
john kerry and i will2 
during the time that the2 
the rest of the world2 
have been in office four2 
the president have been in2 
a plan to keep cases2 
they didn't have enough troops2 
do about it john kerry2 
had osama bin laden cornered2 
percent of the world's opium2 
i want to make sure2 
there is no connection between2 
about it john kerry and2 
percent of the coalition casualties2 
on a path to fiscal2 
ought to be closed they2 
the american people or with2 
are dropping out of high2 
that a long resume does2 
straight with the american people2 
of the system that don't2 
well first of all i2 
at two hundred billion dollars2 
i'm sorry i broke the2 
a department of homeland security2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
has voted for the biggest2 
ninety percent of the coalition2 
we now know that in2 
the first gulf war cost2 
to be closed they ought2 
man and a woman and2 
the direct result of the2 
with their nuclear weapons program2 
is not and in fact2 
prescription drugs into this country2 
what we now know that2 
hundred billion dollars and counting2 
john kerry and i have2 
does not equal good judgment2 
now i want to go2 
for the last two hundred2 
seeing the consequences of that2 
on the ground in iraq2 
enemies of the united states2 
we had osama bin laden2 
that john kerry and i2 
more americans have fallen into2 
drug companies they had a2 
the iraqis see some tangible2 
that marriage is between a2 
the eighty seven billion dollars2 
is that a long resume2 
the american people the truth2 
what the vice president is2 
let me just say a2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
time that the vice president2 
stop the spread of nuclear2 
allowing prescription drugs into this2 
thank you thank you gwen2 
and kill them before they2 
time to do their job2 
the vice president spoke about2 
back on a path to2 
made clear on thursday night2 
drug companies they were with2 
parts of the country are2 
poverty during the time that2 
the spread of nuclear weapons2 
sworn enemies of the united2 
john kerry and i are2 
into this country from canada2 
in fact saddam hussein has2 
john kerry has voted for2 
last four years we have2 
to recognize another state's marriage2 
the people who attacked us2 
of dollars in fines for2 
was ceo of halliburton they2 
clear on thursday night that2 
hussein it's not true it's2 
me just say a couple2 
rid of tax cuts for2 
be closed they ought to2 
to go back to the2 
they can do damage to2 
edwards's top phrasesphrase count
edwards cheney
and the president have been2 
people or with the drug2 
we need a new president2 
with the american people or2 
to keep the american people2 
the drug companies they were2 
kerry and i believe that2 
opposed the creation of a2 
there is not and in2 
it's important for america to2 
long resume does not equal2 
two hundred billion dollars and2 
the kind of things that2 
we're going to allow it2 
they said that they were2 
believe that marriage is between2