bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
in the27<33
the world26>25
going to24<28
of the22<55
on the22>16
to be22>18
that we20>11
at the19>5
and i19<28
my opponent19 
the wrong18>3
in iraq17>14
i think16<19
a free16 
is to15 
saddam hussein14>12
i don't13>6
free iraq12 
to the12<28
we will11>6
war on11>9
that the11>9
on terror11>8
this is11>5
way to11>3
with the10>8
i believe10<18
you know10>5
the war10<11
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
i know10=10
if you10>3
will be10 
and that's10>6
our troops10>3
the same10>5
hard work10 
it is10>6
that's why9>2
to do9<31
i understand9>2
and we9<13
to our9 
want to9=9
is a8>4
have been8>6
that is8>5
would have8>5
to make8<9
the way8>3
we have8<16
the best8>2
continue to8 
have to8<17
we've got8>2
not going8 
to protect7>2
don't think7>2
looked at7 
wrong time7 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
north korea7<11
kim jong7 
to have7>4
by the7>2
got a7>2
a lot7>4
wrong war7 
have a7<18
and the7<18
in this7>3
iraq will7 
and so7>2
wrong place7 
trying to7>3
of this7>2
jong il7 
is that7>4
he was7>4
he said6<8
let me6<7
for the6>3
that he6<7
this war6 
my administration6 
prime minister6 
of mass6=6
same intelligence6 
al qaida6>2
to defeat6 
when he6>2
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
as well6 
the american6<7
is the6>5
if we6>2
it's hard6 
weapons of6=6
part of6 
this country6>2
and that6>3
mass destruction6=6
the iraqi6 
that's what6>4
to get6<13
iraq is6>2
duty to6 
to win6=6
i was5>3
to justice5 
was a5<7
war at5 
best way5 
free afghanistan5 
all the5>4
succeed in5 
expect to5 
american people5<6
think it's5 
minister allawi5 
we can5<12
know how5>2
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
in a5=5
to go5<13
signals to5 
with him5>2
billion dollars5>4
it will5 
the iraqis5>3
one hundred5 
the enemy5=5
it's a5 
to use5>2
lot of5>4
to help5 
and to5>4
mixed messages5>3
we must5 
of course5 
the plan5 
bin laden5<9
agree with4 
that i4=4
percent of4<10
there and4 
with north4 
but it's4>2
there are4=4
on iran4 
commander in4>2
that in4 
think that4 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
thank you4<7
tell you4<7
do the4=4
world is4>3
do so4 
send the4 
message does4>2
and a4>2
to lead4>3
has been4>2
first of4=4
in afghanistan4>2
deal with4 
positions on4 
not only4 
in chief4>2
grave threat4 
stay on4 
time i4 
why it's4 
you cannot4 
this world4 
the congress4>2
around the4>2
we did4>2
i admire4 
it's essential4 
you can't4<5
of a4 
and we've4 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
i agree4 
of his4 
world that4>3
osama bin4<9
is going4 
harm's way4 
a summit4>2
so we4 
hussein was4>3
and he4<5
think he4 
of all4=4
without saddam4 
and if4 
iraq if4 
it's not4 
i'm not4>2
and it's4>2
was hoping4 
we do4<5
the long4 
but i4<9
what we4<9
to follow4 
interest and4 
in power4 
send mixed4 
as a4<8
working with4>2
iraqi citizens4 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
went to3>2
the stakes3 
and our3 
the peace3<6
the ground3=3
they're fighting3 
cannot lead3 
grand diversion3 
to send3 
to disarm3 
i would3<5
world would3 
our word3 
he says3 
party talks3 
the hands3>2
kind of3<6
we would3>2
a grand3 
out of3<8
and aspirations3 
better off3 
see the3 
a grave3 
bilateral talks3=3
never have3 
the time3>2
he changes3 
iraqi people3 
changes positions3 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
you can3<4
can do3<9
threat and3 
him that3 
over the3 
those who3 
the contributions3 
make this3 
making progress3 
or a3 
keep changing3 
so the3>2
the united3<26
i hope3 
because of3 
hard it3 
a central3 
work to3 
for it3=3
iraq a3 
believe in3>2
he would3<4
african union3>2
a powerful3 
it's necessary3 
fact that3 
us and3<4
there's going3 
for a3<5
i can3<6
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
hopes and3 
to provide3 
the next3 
central part3 
to see3 
that saddam3>2
he voted3 
a duty3 
every life3 
he is3 
in harm's3 
the african3>2
place the3 
we ought3 
had the3>2
messages send3 
do not3 
understand that3 
believe that3<7
five percent3=3
as the3 
twenty five3 
hands of3>2
essential we3 
opponent says3 
a commander3 
and say3=3
be a3 
difference of3 
will help3 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
to spread3 
nations will3 
the job3<8
it's the3>2
talks about3 
nations involved3 
ought to3>2
is in3 
know we3 
a great3>2
ten million3 
think i3 
is on3>2
make sure3>2
was not3 
brought to3 
when we3<6
from the3<6
no doubt3 
policy of3 
essential that3 
free nations3 
been brought3 
troops in3=3
wrong signals3 
the fact3 
defeat this3 
in my3<5
but the3>2
precisely what3 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
understand the3 
a good3 
the six3 
sure that3 
the un3<5
help the3 
is strong3 
change the3 
because i3<5
our country3=3
it was3<7
to build3<4
be an3 
the president3<52
was misleading3 
the offense3 
how hard3 
work and3 
to succeed3 
would work3 
a terrorist3 
that send3 
what i3<5
i mean3>2
what message3 
place at3 
troops and3 
be free3>2
say to3>2
will continue3 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
there's a3>2
i just3 
and now3 
end of3 
such a3 
there will3 
america and3=3
worth it3 
contributions of3 
been in3>2
the end3 
and when3>2
have bilateral3>2
people are3 
a threat3<5
we not3 
i decided3 
we're making3 
that's not3=3
they're not3 
we get3 
to work3 
does that3>2
intelligence i3 
one of3<8
a mistake3<7
the agreement3 
hope we3 
hundred thousand3>2
mixed signals3 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
to stay3 
would hope3 
follow somebody3 
he had3 
of those3<5
six party3 
a group2 
what you2 
that a2=2
with my2 
voted against2 
us for2 
safer without2 
attacked us2<4
commit troops2 
war wrong2 
foreign ministers2 
a blind2 
look at2 
your question2 
border patrol2 
to put2=2
allawi was2 
power in2 
we send2 
is safer2 
with us2 
on this2=2
up and2=2
and saddam2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
that you2<3
is i2 
opponent talks2 
by side2 
an agreement2 
a more2 
capability of2 
go from2 
our alliance2 
is better2 
we win2 
know that2<5
his people2 
before they2 
steadfast and2 
four years2<4
the phone2 
called the2 
summit well2 
the dynamics2 
that by2 
two hundred2<4
necessary to2<4
will enforce2 
can i2 
freedom they2 
sit down2 
thousand by2 
i'm optimistic2 
the breach2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
i didn't2 
what kim2 
that if2 
try to2<3
diplomacy would2 
but what2 
breach on2 
use troops2 
patriot act2 
down with2 
we're spending2 
hussein to2 
you expect2 
that my2 
strengthen our2 
support the2 
frequently and2 
out there2 
have registered2 
who have2 
doubt in2 
understand how2 
we all2 
war in2=2
spread liberty2 
people think2 
we're after2 
we are2<5
for freedom2 
lead the2=2
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
great britain2<3
american troops2 
a president2<5
keep our2 
i reject2 
plan says2 
the country2=2
a strong2 
dynamics on2 
alliances and2 
use force2 
we'll continue2 
win and2 
group of2 
how these2 
these people2 
message to2<4
talk to2 
strategy to2 
world of2 
life is2 
country in2 
succeed is2 
these terrorists2 
fully materialize2 
our will2 
had been2 
world to2<3
the inspectors2 
registered to2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
somebody who2 
be doing2 
the biggest2 
that could2 
that said2 
can to2 
doing injustice2 
not how2 
nations i2 
stand with2 
me to2 
is vital2 
suffering people2 
and balances2 
i do2 
free and2 
i made2 
win this2 
iraq i2=2
to better2 
opponent looked2 
very much2<3
helping train2 
misleading when2 
dealing with2 
to call2 
the message2 
of force2 
said that2 
i wouldn't2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
preemptive action2 
you say2 
plan to2<7
that there's2 
it must2 
a major2 
i deal2 
i thought2 
achieve the2 
criminal court2 
we've been2 
and colin2 
the decisions2 
that wasn't2 
all want2 
to say2<4
is involved2 
a multi2 
me her2 
same time2 
be right2 
did our2 
got killed2 
world a2 
from a2 
remain strong2 
aspirations of2 
protect this2 
as soon2 
says we2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
where he2 
what's called2 
so i2 
came to2 
judgment to2=2
been the2 
do that2<4
people that2 
not honor2 
the patriot2 
help is2 
have the2<6
mean what2 
ready to2 
will mean2 
who says2 
it when2 
no longer2 
to tell2=2
be elections2 
a matter2 
say that2 
how you2 
blind eye2 
i have2<11
we never2 
where people2 
justice the2 
united states2<19
he called2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
no i2 
hoping to2 
eye and2 
about my2 
he say2 
hold it2 
them out2 
is hard2 
understood that2 
clearly and2 
to never2 
will we2 
been stronger2 
to my2 
thousand trained2 
soon as2 
ally in2 
didn't and2 
less likely2 
like a2 
when you2<7
their own2 
i see2 
them on2 
we say2 
terror if2 
elections in2 
i sit2 
our intelligence2 
a pretty2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
of fact2 
we're doing2 
them to2=2
world and2<5
our duty2 
alliance is2 
can lead2 
act in2 
with our2 
three billion2 
one thousand2 
terror and2 
seventy five2 
we moved2 
won't work2 
rid of2 
he believes2 
was in2 
is less2 
to vote2 
to try2<3
work i2 
all i2 
united nations2<7
iraq you2 
needs to2 
know we're2 
another way2 
them all2 
when i2<6
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
in your2 
injustice to2 
what's he2 
leader of2 
strong and2 
this nation's2 
get rid2 
good relation2 
protect the2<3
was to2 
the capability2 
again i2 
we were2<3
this enemy2 
been a2 
for all2 
nature of2 
and resolute2 
and great2 
to commit2 
up in2 
spread freedom2 
to bring2<5
peace we2 
our best2 
he looked2 
more than2<3
he doesn't2 
with that2 
good people2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
and we'll2 
peaceful place2 
five thousand2 
way but2 
a place2 
i appreciate2 
with them2 
people there2 
the aq2 
is essential2 
resolutions and2 
we continue2 
it against2 
my mind2 
work it's2 
next four2 
hussein i2 
of 20032 
opponent that2 
our borders2 
we lose2 
a democracy2 
side with2 
that's the2<6
troops we2 
us i2 
wasn't a2 
anyone who2 
wouldn't join2 
a solemn2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
global test2 
long as2 
who are2<4
is precious2 
freedom i2 
and then2=2
that when2=2
missile defenses2 
just one2 
and they2<3
hundred twenty2 
that was2<4
get to2 
as i'm2 
khan network2 
ideology of2 
and as2 
not a2=2
i went2 
turn a2 
and by2 
our allies2=2
hoping that2 
to not2 
time at2 
international criminal2 
the troops2<5
a plan2<8
phone frequently2 
the hardest2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
checks and2 
aq khan2 
long run2 
so long2 
because the2 
told him2 
the hopes2 
i've been2<3
they want2 
to a2 
people know2 
to i2 
summit of2 
says this2 
to happen2 
is for2 
they fully2 
places like2 
powerful example2 
to them2 
in order2<5
intelligence and2 
in january2 
train police2 
reform our2 
how to2<3
people he2 
we're going2<5
what is2 
what it2=2
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
defeat us2 
be president2 
and talk2 
leaders frequently2 
the judgment2=2
the 11th2 
iraq we2 
in place2 
i won't2 
with you2 
need to2<10
is now2 
admire the2 
country safer2 
get the2<4
you that2 
the nature2 
is because2 
that and2<6
the international2 
and finally2 
frequently they're2 
colin powell2=2
by speaking2 
necessary work2 
the global2=2
qaida wherever2 
well first2 
dialogue with2 
it's important2<4
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
before i2 
bringing them2 
of them2=2
it and2<6
join us2 
matter of2 
to take2 
president i2=2
a global2 
sanctions on2=2
i told2 
million people2 
the sudan2 
he's a2 
got one2 
in their2 
will set2 
and i'm2<4
to fight2=2
the free2 
to keep2 
hope is2 
people have2 
not have2 
solemn duty2 
of politics2 
her husband2 
be trained2 
the right2<6
seven billion2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
serious consequences2 
of iraq2=2
against him2 
they didn't2<3
il wants2 
there was2<5
world leaders2 
the difference2<3
are with2 
afghanistan and2 
off without2 
major defeat2 
it's worth2 
hope to2 
as i2 
you take2 
more of2<4
side by2 
korea and2 
take preemptive2 
set up2 
is one2=2
i looked2 
september the2 
saddam loyalists2 
he's going2 
didn't have2 
place where2 
more peaceful2 
country i2 
bush's top phrasesphrase count
bush kerry
to achieve2 
for america2 
speaking clearly2 
you keep2 
homeland security2<5
know i2=2
desperate for2 
this year2 
order to2<4
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
of the55>22
the president52>3
in the33>27
to do31>9
going to28>24
and i28>19
to the28>12
the united26>3
the world25<26
united states19>2
i think19>16
i believe18>10
to be18<22
have a18>7
and the18>7
have to17>8
we have16>8
on the16<22
in iraq14<17
we need13 
this president13 
to go13>5
to get13>6
and we13>9
saddam hussein12<14
we can12>5
i'm going11 
that we11<20
the war11>10
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
north korea11>7
i have11>2
to war11 
percent of10>4
i know10=10
need to10>2
to make9>8
war on9<11
can do9>3
that the9<11
go to9 
osama bin9>4
but i9>4
what we9>4
want to9=9
bin laden9>5
he said8>6
the nuclear8 
able to8 
out of8>3
with the8<10
you have8 
a better8 
the job8>3
a plan8>2
on terror8<11
one of8>3
as a8>4
nuclear weapons8 
let me7>6
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
was a7>5
president is7 
that he7>6
out to7 
thank you7>4
tell you7>4
do it7 
plan to7>2
important to7 
all of7 
iraq and7 
got to7 
believe that7>3
president has7 
when you7>2
united nations7>2
the american7>6
but we7 
we didn't7 
it was7>3
we could7 
in america7 
a mistake7>3
the peace6>3
have been6<8
kind of6>3
we will6<11
with respect6 
president of6 
sort of6 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
i will6 
american people6>5
i don't6<13
of mass6=6
talk about6 
i can6>3
and that's6<10
have the6>2
some of6 
when i6>2
president just6 
when we6>3
from the6>3
and we're6 
weapons of6=6
that's the6>2
the table6 
win the6 
mass destruction6=6
people in6 
is not6 
that and6>2
it and6>2
to win6=6
the right6>2
it is6<10
ninety percent6 
for those6 
last resort6 
of state5 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
respect to5 
i would5>3
know that5>2
that is5<8
would have5<8
back to5 
where the5 
we are5>2
i also5 
a president5>2
i want5 
at the5<19
you know5<10
done the5 
said we5 
the money5 
secretary of5 
for a5>3
there were5 
it the5 
in a5=5
now we5 
could have5 
president who5 
those troops5 
i did5 
world and5>2
is the5<6
you can't5>4
to bring5>2
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
the enemy5=5
in my5>3
talking about5 
be certain5 
the same5<10
job done5 
the un5>3
because i5>3
the troops5>2
and he5>4
states of5 
guard the5 
you don't5 
in order5>2
be able5 
a last5 
what i5>3
we're going5>2
you've got5 
of america5 
nuclear proliferation5 
this is5<11
more dangerous5 
we do5>4
a threat5>3
made a5 
there was5>2
the terrorists5 
homeland security5>2
of those5>3
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
that i4=4
of what4 
set out4 
attacked us4>2
we had4 
is a4<8
active duty4 
there are4=4
four years4>2
two hundred4>2
necessary to4>2
war and4 
that it4 
war as4 
begin to4 
can be4 
you can4>3
do the4=4
in four4 
all the4<5
message to4>2
said he4 
not to4 
the most4 
to have4<7
first of4=4
he would4>3
said the4 
and you4 
us and4>3
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
to say4>2
but you4 
do that4>2
do this4 
about it4 
president bush4 
a lot4<7
was no4 
strong alliances4 
billion dollars4<5
who has4 
the things4 
the test4 
i'll tell4 
a new4 
lot of4<5
who are4>2
that was4>2
that i've4 
back from4 
of all4=4
he didn't4 
do with4 
and it4 
to build4>3
that's what4<6
when the4 
came back4 
and for4 
make it4 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
and to4<5
think we4 
needed to4 
not the4 
the truth4 
get the4>2
out and4 
to iraq4 
in russia4 
it's important4>2
no no4 
do you4 
and i'm4>2
more of4>2
to give4 
is that4<7
right now4 
he was4<7
he has4 
the other4 
order to4>2
issues the3 
i was3<5
in not3 
on that3 
the ground3=3
down and3 
over there3 
that you3>2
it you3 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
exhaust the3 
them the3 
exactly what3 
without the3 
but i'll3 
for the3<6
try to3>2
because they3 
is what3 
now the3 
thirteen years3 
laid out3 
you need3 
more important3 
bilateral talks3=3
we can't3 
not acknowledging3 
my plan3 
in our3 
south korea3 
great britain3>2
in his3 
the state3 
as president3 
world is3<4
other countries3 
do in3 
job of3 
now that3 
off of3 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
kids in3 
kill the3 
the way3<8
by doing3 
know what3 
response to3 
opportunity to3 
world to3>2
do to3 
is more3 
mistake in3 
nuclear materials3 
alliances i3 
has had3 
to lead3<4
in fact3 
strengthening our3 
for it3=3
to begin3 
very much3>2
tax cut3 
remedies of3 
the wrong3<18
america that3 
stakes in3 
didn't guard3 
if you3<10
material in3 
the reason3 
years to3 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
at home3 
credibility a3 
you exactly3 
go out3 
make you3 
doing what3 
about a3 
and said3 
here and3 
the center3 
the president's3 
this job3 
the opportunity3 
five percent3=3
bush and3 
invest in3 
our troops3<10
that there3 
and say3=3
there we3 
go through3 
through the3 
better job3 
certain and3 
iraq but3 
to try3>2
that they3 
the remedies3 
president and3 
do a3 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
the casualties3 
don't know3 
protect the3>2
soviet union3 
has a3 
enemy that3 
just said3 
the iraqis3<5
we were3>2
in that3 
more than3>2
you to3 
that i'm3 
even the3 
troops in3=3
i said3 
day that3 
in it3 
in this3<7
he's not3 
of our3 
very important3 
think the3 
world that3<4
get it3 
be done3 
the day3 
and that3<6
was going3 
i've never3 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
duty divisions3 
and they3>2
that war3 
don't have3 
and be3 
our country3=3
is based3 
two years3 
hussein was3<4
even knowing3 
and go3 
i regret3 
i've been3>2
they are3 
the british3 
center of3 
me that3 
do better3 
for what3 
how to3>2
think that's3 
about the3 
can get3 
what kind3 
do something3 
mixed messages3<5
based on3 
many of3 
do but3 
you're doing3 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
into the3 
trying to3<7
america and3=3
people and3 
years and3 
this debate3 
and get3 
knowing there3 
and ninety3 
way to3<11
weapons and3 
then we3 
and other3 
that's not3=3
more in3 
they didn't3>2
the difference3>2
set of3 
know the3 
hundred billion3 
war without3 
it in3 
would be3 
that's wrong3 
is being2 
that a2=2
went to2<3
has made2 
long before2 
president made2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
either going2 
a sense2 
fix it2 
america safe2 
materials in2 
the allies2 
the last2 
below that2 
ask you2 
to put2=2
is moving2 
so what2 
state of2 
on this2=2
best trained2 
up and2=2
to protect2<7
that's one2 
the mountains2 
families and2 
home and2 
a stake2 
iran and2 
don't think2<7
but it's2<4
they've got2 
the line2 
promised america2 
proliferation the2 
the hands2<3
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
in homeland2 
that's why2<9
out in2 
after the2 
the question2 
we would2<3
would exhaust2 
test is2 
this alone2 
like to2 
former soviet2 
take my2 
we knew2 
of people2 
annan offered2 
take thirteen2 
commander in2<4
president in2 
right way2 
out on2 
the planning2 
i've laid2 
stake in2 
afghanistan where2 
but we're2 
you want2 
willing to2 
deny them2 
has not2 
the borders2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
now i2 
those soldiers2 
the logistical2 
which is2 
talk at2 
we know2 
or you2 
i ask2 
leadership that2 
state department2 
you jim2 
war in2=2
the time2<3
opium production2 
didn't use2 
providing we2 
months and2 
did that2 
to 9/112 
unfortunately he2 
better i2 
a true2 
pursuing a2 
new facts2 
table and2 
lead the2=2
dangerous iran2 
some people2 
the oil2 
the country2=2
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
fuel rods2 
be successful2 
of us2 
six months2 
has got2 
to you2 
to prevent2 
do is2 
did not2 
who could2 
a very2 
a genocide2 
not go2 
have done2 
send to2 
today we2 
build a2 
job to2 
me in2 
haven't done2 
talks with2 
my life2 
the first2 
to deny2 
them for2 
job we2 
kicked out2 
so the2<3
put the2 
you make2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
the border2 
misled the2 
message does2<4
it means2 
thing to2 
television cameras2 
and a2<4
and today2 
about how2 
in those2 
of american2 
the muslim2 
doing this2 
in and2 
i am2 
coalition we2 
will not2 
eye off2 
has been2<4
said no2 
in afghanistan2<4
million dollars2 
believe in2<3
sense of2 
parents in2 
iraq i2=2
tora bora2 
doesn't mean2 
african union2<3
does it2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
the fuel2 
what the2 
i'm talking2 
a little2 
by the2<7
number of2 
that's exactly2 
they were2 
to america2 
was always2 
forces to2 
something about2 
rest of2 
i've had2 
term designs2 
nations and2 
turn away2 
with a2 
to rebuild2 
to congress2 
for us2 
building strong2 
out the2 
number one2 
president said2 
believe we2 
my eye2 
that we're2 
you did2 
just the2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
fight the2 
ten times2 
that saddam2<3
world i2 
that passes2 
got a2<7
oil ministry2 
know how2<5
it because2 
the elections2 
al qaida2<6
passes the2 
judgment to2=2
also have2 
the costs2 
in chief2<4
and kill2 
nuclear material2 
talked about2 
the african2<3
the cost2 
it right2 
into iraq2 
always has2 
had the2<3
invading iraq2 
president says2 
to tell2=2
respected again2 
into baghdad2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
of which2 
was there2 
to show2 
to transfer2 
you break2 
hands of2<3
or the2 
today and2 
him the2 
i came2 
me and2 
truth to2 
mountains of2 
a difference2 
are the2 
not even2 
muslim world2 
money for2 
i'll never2 
case scenario2 
a tax2 
and see2 
means to2 
not yet2 
wrong way2 
now more2 
it can't2 
they're going2 
just sort2 
should have2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
will plan2 
it send2 
issues and2 
get a2 
to us2 
of judgment2 
need a2 
as we2 
are over2 
un and2 
of north2 
the congress2<4
about iraq2 
america is2 
we see2 
facts and2 
them to2=2
around the2<4
for his2 
about mixed2 
afghan warlords2 
in july2 
one nickel2 
were kicked2 
we did2<4
money now2 
get you2 
it for2 
worked with2 
the issue2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
lead those2 
he also2 
with those2 
that happened2 
it's the2<3
with him2<5
when he2<6
away from2 
president invaded2 
you do2 
where they're2 
troops down2 
cut the2 
better plan2 
bring the2 
entire time2 
stronger here2 
the focus2 
ten active2 
in response2 
didn't do2 
didn't talk2 
that this2 
ought to2<3
you in2 
line that2 
what i'm2 
we went2 
reminds me2 
didn't he2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
don't believe2 
reach out2 
understand what2 
a great2<3
a stronger2 
it now2 
weapons at2 
is on2<3
make sure2<3
leadership is2 
and north2 
if we2<6
iran is2 
things we2 
in combat2 
their kids2 
he's done2 
the credibility2 
times the2 
british french2 
those kids2 
of their2 
make a2 
reaching out2 
american forces2 
weapons in2 
a few2 
which i2 
kofi annan2 
again in2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
countries in2 
you for2 
in six2 
are leading2 
tell me2 
to fix2 
will hunt2 
terrorists wherever2 
states that's2 
the world's2 
he made2 
but the2<3
we needed2 
the leadership2 
troops to2 
are ninety2 
the kind2 
make america2 
a different2 
intend to2 
not having2 
to use2<5
the best2<8
do and2 
the globe2 
this country2<6
important than2 
mean it2 
president actually2 
we just2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
done right2 
long term2 
are now2 
at all2 
wherever they2 
here at2 
for iraq2 
troops out2 
global warming2 
regret to2 
to your2 
me just2 
done and2 
and then2=2
that when2=2
we're not2 
mean something2 
beginning to2 
other day2 
before the2 
nuclear facilities2 
and below2 
not a2=2
our allies2=2
the sanctions2 
a summit2<4
of south2 
had to2 
this the2 
here in2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
those weapons2 
happened on2 
nine out2 
did it2 
can't have2 
those words2 
fighting for2 
the loose2 
america has2 
states is2 
on one2 
and there2 
no connection2 
isolate the2 
didn't need2 
casualties and2 
i understand2<9
plan carefully2 
civil war2 
and in2 
iraq in2 
iraq is2<6
and iraq2 
the entire2 
x rayed2 
and my2 
done in2 
have had2 
go kill2 
designs on2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
it clear2 
get your2 
countries have2 
what do2 
there now2 
i'm not2<4
need now2 
i've worked2 
i've set2 
and so2<7
the real2 
troops i2 
about with2 
and it's2<4
and take2 
those mountains2 
i mean2<3
what it2=2
can't be2 
prepared to2 
made the2 
on their2 
training the2 
resort those2 
out a2 
acknowledging the2 
the judgment2=2
how we2 
different set2 
the people2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
i've said2 
this as2 
be free2<3
little bit2 
say to2<3
ronald reagan2 
korea has2 
without a2 
the authority2 
there's a2<3
the university2 
convictions about2 
of tora2 
strongest when2 
of that2 
fresh start2 
colin powell2=2
the global2=2
years ago2 
to north2 
that are2 
of them2=2
we've got2<8
hussein and2 
so that2 
to close2 
way i2 
the number2 
been in2<3
you this2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
get this2 
the rest2 
our military2 
and when2<3
a war2 
it wasn't2 
a way2 
president i2=2
the outcome2 
can't tell2 
the television2 
of this2<7
difference between2 
of convictions2 
believe i2 
have bilateral2<3
sanctions on2=2
a fresh2 
offered the2 
has the2 
is just2 
those leaders2 
to fight2=2
do have2 
right for2 
plan for2 
the reasons2 
to invest2 
who can2 
they don't2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
and germans2 
is good2 
of iraq2=2
could be2 
does that2<3
in there2 
it as2 
give the2 
in august2 
war i2 
than osama2 
moving toward2 
would not2 
across the2 
hussein would2 
the arab2 
president kennedy2 
working with2<4
man to2 
of staff2 
me the2 
is one2=2
hundred thousand2<3
respect and2 
break it2 
president will2 
he misled2 
french and2 
if off2 
you and2 
kerry's top phrasesphrase count
kerry bush
new credibility2 
know i2=2
there's no2 
still have2 
but this2 
president hasn't2 
be the2 
and most2 
give me2